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Fire & Arson Investigation

SimX Healthcare

SimX Virtual Reality healthcare scenarios allow you to examine and treat virtual patients, just like you do real ones. If you want to talk to a patient, just talk to them.  If you want to listen with a stethoscope, just walk over to where it is, pick it up, and use it.   Treat virtual patients, just like you do real ones.  SimX allows use by multiple players and can be run with students and instructors at any place via the internet. 

FLAIM™ Trainer

VR Enabled Training with FLAIM Trainer – Get more from firefighting training programs and scenarios – and extend training into scenarios that can’t be trained using real world systems and environments.
Immersive VR combined with a patented haptics feedback system that generates a realistic water jet reaction force, real equipment and a direction heat vest provides a unique firefighting skills training experience.

FLAIM™ Extinguisher

Be ready to take action when a fire breaks out at work or at home with FLAIM Extinguisher.  Early response to fire saves lives and property.
FLAIM Extinguisher teaches users how to extinguish a fire quickly.  Our VR technology puts users in office, home and business environments – giving a 360 degree view of the fire.  Trainers are able to provide live feedback with our training system tracking hose angle and flow enabling the user to learn correct techniques.

RiVR Investigate

RiVR Investigate offers unprecedented realistic investigation training in Virtual Reality (VR). The photo-realistic scenarios allow you to investigate the cause of fire using the same tools available in the real world. RiVR improves the realism of investigation training and increases the number of scenarios trainees are confronted with during training.
All the training is recorded for evaluation. 
Multiple RiVR Investigate users can work together as a team in the same VR scenario. 

Who are we ?

VR Support Center Europe is authorized distributor for the FLAIM, RiVR and SimX solutions.

Our support offices are located in The Netherlands and Latvia. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of the solutions.

We work closely with the following trusted experts in simulation training. We invite you to contact them for questions in your region.

Nederland - SFR Training
Nederland (Defensie) - Kenbri Fire Fighting BV

Scandinavia - Trifire ApS 

Spain and Portugal - Target3D Iberia
Switzerland - Co-Net GmbH 

Our Team

Martijn Boosman

Chief Executive Officer

Martijn is founder of a number of companies in the field of 3D and VR simulation for education and training of emergency professionals. 

He has set up VR Support Center Europe BV in 2020 to deliver innovative Emergency Response VR Training to educators in Europe. 

Martijn holds an M.Sc. in industrial design engineering. At the VR Support Center he fulfills the roles of CEO and VR technology expert. 

Martijn is based in The Netherlands.

Kaspars Gaurilovs

Chief Training Officer

Kaspars is a trained firefighter and experienced specialist in civil and military aviation safety and aircraft rescue and fire fighting training. 

He has developed Airport Emergency plans, organized and managed partial and full scale emergency exercises and developed an ARFF training program, compliant to ICAO and EASA regulations. 

Kaspars is VR Support Center's senior instructor and simulation advisor. 

Kaspars is based in Latvia.

Martien Strik

Medical Training Adviser

Martien is a trained acute/critical care nurse, with a long experience and education, in the field of Emergency/Intensive and Prehospital care. 

Martien has a passion for education training and coaching in both the medical field as well as in the ancient Japanese BUDO martial arts of Aikido, Iaido and Jujutsu.

Martien is VR Support Center's medical training adviser.

Martien is based in The Netherlands.

Nienke Privée

Marketing & Finance

Nienke is a jack of all trades. She is a trained make-up artist for special effects and TV/movie productions. Check out her website at:

At the VR Support Center Nienke takes care of Marketing and Finance.

Nienke is based in The Netherlands.