FLAIM Trainer

FLAIM Trainer is the world leading multi-sensory immersive learning solution which utilises virtual reality technology and physical industry standard equipment interfaces to recreate highly complex, low frequency dangerous events in a safe virtual training scenario, wherein firefighters can increase their skills and risk awareness in a safe, effective, repetitive manner.

Get to know us


Watch this FLAIM Trainer presentation video to get a clear understanding of the realism FLAIM Trainer can provide in training. 


In this video an experienced instructor at the UK Fire Service College runs through a FLAIM Trainer scenario and shows the immersion it provides.

Scenario library 

Watch this video to get an insight in the scenarios available in the Scenario Library. More scenarios are being added to the library multiple times a year.

Based on real experience

Watch FLAIM Founder and CTO Dr. James Mullins explain how his experience as a volunteer firefighter has led him to design and build the most immersive firefighting simulator available in the market today. 

FLAIM in action around the world

Lima, Peru

Demonstration video of FLAIM user SecurityTech in Peru demonstrating the FLAIM Trainer version 2 in action. The video is in Spanish. 

CTIF Seminar, Belgium

FLAIM Trainer version 1 used by firefighter Neza Strmole from Slovenia at a CTIF Seminar. VR Support Center CEO Martijn Boosman gives a step by step explanation of the FLAIM Trainer.  

Rio Tinto - Australia

FLAIM user Adam Brown from mining company Rio Tinto shows how they use FLAIM in training. The video shows the use of the FLAIM Trainer version 1. 

Experience the immersive realism of FLAIM Trainer scenarios:

Urban firefighting

Urban fires in residential homes and high-rise apartment buildings.

ARFF - Aircraft firefighting

Exterior and interior aircraft firefighting on airports and military airbases. 

Vehicle firefighting 

In urban areas, on highways and in tunnels.                  

Nature and recreation firefighting

Fast spreading grassland fires with risky nature-urban interface and fires on campsites.

Industrial firefighting 

A leaking pump with a spreading fluid fire. Fire in a storage container and an LPG storage tank fire. 

Rural firefighting

Fires in agricultural production equipment and on high risk locations on the farm. 

Mining firefighting

Fire in mining vehicles and heavy mining equipment.

Maritime firefighting

Fires in the galley, the electrical system and in the crew quarters.

What is included?

VR headset

Head mounted immersive virtual reality display to show high quality immersive scenarios.

Real nozzle

Firefighting nozzle (branch) with all available functions. All settings are visible in the virtual scenario: flow-rate, gate, spray pattern. 

Jet reaction force

Patented hose-line system and encapsulating hose and nozzle which provides haptic feedback to simulate realistic jet reaction force.

Heat vest

Heat vest with 4 heat panels which can heat up to over 60C to simulate direction heat.

Real respirator

Real respirator connected to an air flow simulator which provides realistic feedback on air usage and breathing rythm.

Transport ready

Sturdy, wheeled Pelicases which allow easy road, ship or air transport to your training locations. 

Scenario library

A library of more than 25 firefighting scenarios with realistic smoke and fire behavior.

Support and Upgrades

Personalized support and coaching and upgrades of the Scenario Library and the simulation software.

FLAIM Trainer is developed by FLAIM Systems in Australia. 

We invite you to visit the FLAIM Systems website for more information about FLAIM Trainer.

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