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Delivery Time 1 - 3 Weeks

This annual license provides software application support and enhancements.

The software application maintenance cycle provides application updates on a three (3) monthly basis or as required (critical updates and major releases).

Please note this price excludes 21% Netherlands VAT which may be applicable to you.

Please read below for information about VAT. 

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The software updates are sent to the customer as a download-link. 

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Software updates are provided for the simulation software and for the scenario libraries.

Information about VAT

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Please note that the price mentioned excludes VAT. 
Organisations in the Netherlands will receive an invoice which shows 21% Netherlands VAT. 
Organisations outside the European Union (EU) who provide us with a valid VAT number will receive a "0% shifter VAT" invoice. 
Organisations inside the EU who do not provide a valid VAT number will be charged an additional 21% Netherlands VAT. 
Organisations outside the EU may be subject to payment of local VAT.