RiVR Investigate

In RiVR Investigate, the user wears a VR headset to view a photorealistic representation of a post-fire scene. The user can look everywhere, open doors and closets and pick up objects in the scene.

The user also has a tool belt which offers the use of evidence markers, flashlight, camera, dictaphone, gas testing device and placeable large scene lighting.

There is also an evidence lab for looking closer at certain objects in a better light.

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Based real fire scenes

To ensure training fidelity, RiVR scenes are based on real fires (controlled burns). In preparation for every VR scenario a realistic setup of for example a room, kitchen or office is built.
Fire is then realistically set to the scene through arson, short-circuiting electrical appliances or for example a fallen candle.
The post-burn scene is then recorded using laser-scans and thousands of photographs. Using advanced 3D modelling techniques like photogrammetry, the scene is turned into an interactive repeatable learning environment. 

FLAIM Trainer is developed by Reality in Virtual Reality Ltd in the United Kingdom. 

We invite you to visit the RiVR Investigate website for more information about the training system.

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